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Monday, July 10, 2006

Gabe Martinez of the CIA will be hosting a charity gig at the Apollo Studio Theater in Chicago this Wednesday evening. That's June 12th. Lots of the city's top performers will be there to entertain. For details, see the gig portion of our myspace or visit the websites for the Apollo Theater, the Chicago Abused Women Coalition or Ticketmaster.
posted by The CIA 9:39 AM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy Safer Internet Day

We, the agents of the CIA, plan to ensure the safety of the internet for you - our loyal cohorts and followers.

We don't know how to do it, but we feel no less responsible for giving empty promises than anyone else these days. Besides, we put on theatrical improv shows for the people. We have no political ties, nor do we lobby or petition for anything... well maybe humor. Yeah, we petition for humor. We lobby for the funny!

Wow... we might need a soapbox for our passionate pledge to comedy.

This blog has been filtered to ensure 100% pure non-disruptive content.
posted by The CIA 12:58 PM

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dan's top albums of 2005, published at Lost At Sea:

Click Here

posted by Dan Filowitz 12:10 PM

Monday, January 09, 2006

Soon in the Calendar section will be two upcoming shows we'll be performing in. They're free to attend and the drink specials are pretty good. Drink Specials?!?! Yep, get some drinky drink while you watch us entertain.

January 30th and March 27th

Improv Mondays @ Mullen's
3527 W. Clark Street (Clark and Addison)
Mondays 9pm to 11pm
Free Improv with some Stand-up
UPSTAIRS - with our own bartender!!!
$2.50 - ALL Miller Products
$0.25 - Wings
posted by The CIA 3:52 PM

Sunday, January 08, 2006

R.I.P. Elvis Presley
posted by Sarah 6:32 PM

Thursday, January 05, 2006

those horribly unavoidable moments present...

Eliminating stress by becoming a pest.

Has the office environment put your head into a spin of frustration? Is there a coworker irking the hell out of you, but can't retaliate for fear of repercussions. Well, do what I do and piss off an unknown speller that has no clue who you are.

Visit this website,, and enter any room. What you'll find is the online equivalent of whiteboard with whole load of magnetic letters and symbols. Now, the intent of this site is to spell something by dragging the letters around the board, but that's a waste of time and effort as you'll be sharing the board with about 100 other people. Instead, invade any attempt at accomplishing anything. Someone trying to spell a word... pull their letters to the other side of the board. Someone trying to make a picture, maybe a face... cover it up with a bunch of "W"s or "M"s. Try to get a group mind together through chaos; see how long it takes to get people to dump all the letters and symbols into a single pile. Pick on one person (there are few people in there determined to spell out their message) or many. Either way it will put you at ease knowing that you can do something destructive without causing any damage.

Stress reducing through aggravation...
posted by thum 2:54 PM

Sunday, January 01, 2006

With the end of the year past (yep, that was last night), you might have been forced to read, watch and hear all the best and worst things of 2005. Well, the ImprovMFr doesn't care about the top or the bottom of the lists; I'm more into those that just got by.

So here it is: the 2nd Annual Middle 5 of 2005!

In the category of Music...

48. Hefty Fine by Bloodhound Gang
This album is really enjoyable and intended to be a little more oft-putting with its earlier title, Heavy Flow, but the reason why it made it here comes in how few good songs are on this album. Of 12 tracks on the album, only 9 are songs and one seemed like it was phoned in. But of the remaining eight, each had its own clever Bloodhound Gang twist. Ralph Wiggum is a grand example as Jimmy Pop takes his favorite Simpsons character and uses past lines of dialogue as the lyrics to the song. You might want to grab this as it might be the last album… just a hunch.

49. The Woods by Sleater-Kinney
Sleater-Kinney decided to go to a new label (SubPop from Kill Rock Stars) and then decided to change their sound a little. The basic sound is there somewhere, but the end result seems a little more dismal and less of the poppy kick that you heard in their previous releases. They still put forth a good album, because they are a great band, but it just gets a few plays out of me before I switch back to One Beat.

50. the weight is a gift by Nada Surf
Why are they so sad? Sad and sleepy. This is a perfect example of the mean of 2005. It’s a great composition, but nothing stands out and grabs you like past singles in albums.

51. Good Apollo… by Coheed and Cambria
Sounds a little like the previous album, except without enough of the catchy hooks I found in the last release. I like the rock and this one almost does me good, but sometimes it becomes more grating than rocking.

52. Howl by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Guys at BRMC… a word of advice – get a drummer and keep him when you record albums. It doesn’t matter who as long as they play the drums on the album. There is a song or two worth listening to, but more often than not it gets a little folksy for my tastes. Remember guys, don’t kick the drummer out of the band right before you record.

In the category of Film…

I found so many of this year’s films kept me away more than I would have liked (DAMN remakes). So instead of the Middle 5 of 2005, I’ll list the five movies I almost wanted to see but forgot because I had things to do.

It’s the Rock fighting demons, how can that be bad? I wanted to see a demon get a Rock Bottom. Definitely a renter, but only if discounted and add more Rock fights in the special edition.

It’s got some great comedic actors like Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long and Anna Faris, but that boyfriend from Joan of Arcadia. Hey whats-your-name, get out of the shot we’re trying to make a funny movie here. If they edit the show killer out of the scenes (yes, I will condone CGI for this once), then I’ll go see it.

The Weather Man
I kinda wanted to see this to see if I recognized any of the locations they shot. That’s about it. Because I watched Running Scared (you know – Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines as Chicago cops) again the other night and found out that they filmed on my block. They drove the wrong way down the street and parked in the alley – just cool even if it was filmed here 15 years before I even knew this place existed.

I was curious… a little. I mean Jumangi in space – kinda cool. However, I saw no Robin Williams and then saw that Ashton Kutcher lackey Dax and decided maybe the DVD but only if there are still monkeys.

The Chronicles of Narnia
I hear that if you look closely, you can see Jesus’ face in that lion’s mug…

Have a mediocre 2006
posted by Improv MFr 10:30 AM

Hello all you anarchist loving freaks and welcome to the new year!

In 2006, we are looking to make it easier for you to see us. We will have new shows at better times and more familiar locations. Yep, we're looking to put our CIA shows in the primetime and at theatres that are easily accessible to all people. Stay tuned for more details.

Also, in the new year, we will have more CIA things for you to indulge in. Right now we are looking to make friends, so we felt it good to have our own MySpace page. Come visit and be our friend. And coming soon, the Subterfuge page. We looked for things that would entertain you for hours, and we found a bunch. We will have games and links and all sorts of playful goodness. We're doing this to entertain you off stage, even if you're unable to see us on stage.

Now that it's 2006, come get your CIA fix!
posted by The CIA 9:52 AM

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sarah's Fun Anecdote of the Day:

As you Rant Line readers know, I work for a medical record printing company. While filing just now, I came across a customer file for "Cytology Lab" which, in my barely awake state, I read as "Gynecology Land." First thing that comes to mind?

That is the worst idea for a theme park EVER!
posted by Sarah 8:54 AM

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Holy Time has come once again. Yes. The McRib has returned to McDee's. I know where I'm eating tonight.

And now, three words and phrases I never want to hear my 60+ year-old coworker say again:

3) Suppository

2) Lazy colon

1) Penis

Thank you for your time.
posted by Sarah 10:48 AM

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